Descension 1888

Video Work in progress


Descension 1888 is a french beat em up developped by some young gynamic students! This project is powered by unity and has a pixel art oriented design. Overhall this is a retro game made with a lot of passion and love for the video game art. The story take place in a Paris which failed its great 1789 revolution, wich changed the history and the city in many ways...

Screen du jeu

Ninja Sloth - The dream team

Rabah Cheurfa


Talented and passionate, Rabah is in charge of the artistic direction of the project. Using his energy for the team he produces the visual and animations used for the game.

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Antoine Cede

Graphist and integrator

Formed to the applied arts in Paris, Antoine is a ressourceful graphist working with Rabbah to produce the best pixel art and create the environnements. He also develops this website ;)

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Léo Reinié

Community Manager

Creative and volunteer, Leo works at making the game known by the public, he works with the team to create this fantastic communication for the best game ever, according to us.

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Dorian Jeannin

Video editor and scenarist

Born in the homeland of cinema, Dorian uses the 7th art to help promoting the game. The cinema and the video game being linked by a strong cultural bound, he wrote la creme de la creme du scenario.

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Coline Mignot


Hardworking and gifted for the code, Coline developp the game using unity and learning how to use it by herself. She put the masterpieces of pixel art from her fellow graphists in the game and make it work all together.

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Florian Richard


Alongside Coline, Florian Richard is the keystone of the team. He has a natural gift for coding and organize the task for all his team mates.

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